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Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield School of Management, located about 75 km north-west of London in the UK, is one of Europe’s leading university management schools. It is part of Cranfield University, renowned for its high quality postgraduate teaching and research and its strong links to industry and business. Management education and development has been offered at Cranfield University since the late 1940s and the School of Management was formally set up in 1967.
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Cranfield is a friendly and fun place with a real community spirit. Students and faculty mix informally. Whatever your recreational, social or sporting passion, you will find a wide range of opportunities at Cranfield and in the surrounding areas - so many, in fact, that you will have to be selective in deciding how to spend your leisure time.

Located on the residential, postgraduate campus of Cranfield University, the School offers pleasant and safe accommodation for students and their families. A real benefit is the experience of studying in a peaceful setting within the English countryside. All campus amenities are within walking distance, and the many entertainment and recreational facilities of the City of Milton Keynes are only a short drive away.

Two-thirds of the Cranfield community are from outside the UK. This brings cultural diversity to the Cranfield experience, which is celebrated by many international events.


Tel: 441234 / 751122
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Cranfield School of Management
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