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Praxisbezug - Master in Banking


Universiteit Antwerpen Management School

Antwerp's tradition of management education at university level dates back to 1852. Almost 150 years of pioneering, innovation and experience ensure that UAMS' management education is firmly anchored in a vast local and regional business community. The Universiteit Antwerpen Management School is a joint initiative of two university business schools with a long tradition of business education in one of Europe's most historic and dynamic cities.
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The final degree will be awarded upon successful completion of all the course requirements, and successful completion and defence of their capstone projects. In all courses assessment may include class presentations, case study analyses, written assignments, individual and group projects, as well as final examinations. These assessment methods are designed to test progress in the accumulation of knowledge and analytical skill, and to provide students with feedback on their performance in the modules.


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Universiteit Antwerpen Management School
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