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Praxisbezug - MA in International Business and Management


Bradford University School of Management

School of Management is a leading European business school, regularly appearing as one of the top ten in league tables such as the Financial Times.
We work with large corporates such as ASDA, the BBC and the airline, Emirates, as well as small businesses, providing management development, MBAs and research and graduate links. Our MBAs and undergraduates have some of the highest employment rates of any business school.
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The skills you gain:
You will emerge from the programme with
- an international perspective on business, including key international strategies to be
adopted and a strong understanding of the global environment
- understanding of, and expertise in, international management practices
- knowledge of the core functions in business and management
- a wide range of management skills and techniques for creative thinking, problem solving
and decision making
- good communication, negotiation, leadership and teamwork skills, gained through group
exercises and team-building activities.


Tel: +44 (0)127 / 234393
Fax: +44 (0)127 / 546866
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Bradford University School of Management
Emm Lane
Bradford BD9 4JL


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