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Praxisbezug - Executive MBA


HEC School of Management

Throughout its 125 years of history, HEC School of Management has continually attracted a special kind of individual highly capable and talented, innovative,
entrepreneurial, ambitious and open minded. Located in the heart of the thriving, diverse Paris business community, the school has earned international acclaim for
its superior programs, groundbreaking research, and outstanding student body.
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To add to the case studies, team and individual projects invite participants to develop their collaborative and leadership skills, enhance their capacity to critically analyze business problems and make decisions based on real-world situations. With their team, participants analyze a company within its business sector and make strategic recommendations (Company Project). Individually, participants develop a Final Individual Project consisting of a personal analysis and a set of recommendations addressing a major strategic issue facing their own company.
Valuable practical insights are also provided by top executives and key experts enriching academic content by first-hand experience.


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HEC School of Management
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