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Praxisbezug - Doctor of Environmental Studies


Universidad Azteca European Programmes

Universidad Azteca bietet Fernstudiengänge auf Deutsch als Doppeldiplomprogramme mit der UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua Programas Internacionales. Die Studiengänge sind nach dem ECTS System gegliedert und die deutschen Studien spezifisch auf deutschen Lehrinhalten aufgebaut.
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. Students will study environmental challenges, business and policy issues, strategies and eco-restructuring for sustainability, relations between energy, food and poverty, international environmental law, the impact of trade on environment, colonization and landuse, ecology in development policy, global greenhouse regime, EMAS, conflicts over natural resources, impact of education on conflict and international development, politics and management issues: science for sustainable living, tools to aid environmental decision making, the potential for societal collapse, the earth´s climate crisis, and a vital blueprint for ensuring our future.
Objectives of the Programme

This programme intends to allow the individual student to develop the own potential through a carefully selected programme of study, which includes elements of a variety of methods of study orientated on the academic and vocational aspects.
The primary objectives of the programme are to:
• Enable the student to achieve an appropriate level of academic competence
• Achieve personal development and to develop critical awareness of benefit to themselves and to their organisation
• Develop skills of initiation, implementation and analysis in a range of contexts
• Develop capability in the analysis and evaluation of complex issues and situations

The specific objectives of the programme will vary according to the chosen named award but will include the:
• Development of knowledge at an advanced level
• Development of skills of analysis, research and policy formulation and implementation
• Unification of theoretical analysis and practice through a variety of contexts appropriate to environmental management and decision-making
• Issues of environmental management and the management of resources


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Fax: / 512 572 965
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