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Programm - Master of Business Administration


Kyiv Mohyla Business School

Kyiv Mohyla Business School is one of the youngest b-schools based at one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. In the year of 390 since the foundation of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy we together with Academies' other faculties continue to provide uncensored and creative learning for intellectual and unique individuals, who are able to generate and implement original and socially useful ideas, who are independent thinkers and promoters of kindness and justice.
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Visionary Courses:
The task of this stage of the Program is to support the participants, who are already successful people, thinking over world outlook and philosophy questions. Fundamentals and principles of running a business, management and leader mission of the company’s owner are learned.

Managerial Courses:
The task of this part of the Program is to focus on leading self and leading relations, pay attention to context organization exists in, reflect on leading organization and change management.

Functional Courses:
Most of electives are functional courses. The wide choice them is an opportunity to study the most interesting and useful courses for every Presidents' MBA participant and allows concentrating on main things.
Themen Schwerpunkt:
Postgraduate (Zusatzausbildung)
Unterrichtsmodus Organisation:


Tel: 044 / 490 6635
Fax: / 490 6635
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Kyiv Mohyla Business School
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