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Programm - Master of Business Administration


Sunderland Business School

Sunderland Business School is a dynamic, exciting and contemporary environment in which to learn the vital skills which the business men and women of tomorrow will need. As one of the five main academic departments, we are a key part of the University of Sunderland, providing a unique environment for Business students and delivering a combination of Business & Management, Law and Psychology.
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This internationally recognised programme will accelerate your career development into highly paid management positions. Aimed at graduates with significant business/management or professional experience, it will notably enhance your capability to function as a senior manager within a wide range of commercial and public sector organisations.

You will develop your strategic management knowledge, competence and problem solving ability. You will also become familiar with international management practice, and the development of effective business cultures and performance enhancement.

You will have the opportunity to develop your strategic and cross-cultural skills at a UK residential event and your learning experience will be reinforced through working in peer learning and support groups. These will be the basis for demonstrating effective team based activity and provide scope for further action research. Full-time students are encouraged to take part in a comprehensive programme of organisational visits to enhance their understanding of management practice.
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Postgraduate (Zusatzausbildung)
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Sunderland Business School
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