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Programm - Master in Business Adminstration


The European Institute of Purchasing Management

The European Institute of Purchasing Management (E.I.P.M) is to become the European Centre for Research, Networking, Education and Action training in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.
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The modules of one week, are run every 5 weeks. Classes start at 8.30 to 18.00. However, participants have to work in evenings on case studies and other course work. The learning process includes presentation of topics by professors, group discussions, simulations, case studies, guest speakers etc.

At the end of each module there is a written exam which takes place on the Saturday morning.
An assignment is also given at the end of some modules. The assignment is a written project that participants must carry out in her/his company during the time separating the modules. It has for objectives to apply issues, methods and tools learnt during the module.
The module grade is split between the written exam and the assignment .
MBA Participants must attend all modules and pass all assessments for the 15 modules.

The MBA Project represents a major milestone in the MBA cursus. It is the final step to the graduation and its development takes in average 8 months. It alternates with regular courses and other assignments.
Its objective is to enable participants to work on a major business strategic issues by applying the program learning and research. Subjects such as designing new supply chains, setting up a new purchasing organization, structure, building a new measurement system, working on outsourcing are some of the examples. The project is a powerful learning experience for the students as well as the best mean for the company to have the return on investment.
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Postgraduate (Zusatzausbildung)
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