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Programm - MA Coaching and Mentoring


University of Wolverhampton Business School

The University of Wolverhampton is committed to excellence in its teaching, research and business activities. Our multi-million pound facilities, dedicated study and support staff, and dynamic ethos, means we are a first-class regional university with a learning environment fit for the 21st Century. Our ten Schools offer over 340 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and further choice through our Joint Honours and foundation programmes.
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- One of only a handful of professional coaching and mentoring programmes in the UK
- Coaching and mentoring is an emerging discipline within the field of human resource
development and is recognised by many organisations as a more efficient and effective
way of developing their employees
- Designed for professional coaches and mentors, OD consultants, human resource
development specialists and other HR professionals and for those in other professions
who find that coaching and mentoring is becoming an increasingly important part of their
professional and managerial roles
- The MA is designed to introduce you to the latest conceptual frameworks and best
practice models of professional coaching and mentoring
- You will explore the theoretical frameworks and models used in personal development,
counselling, and occupational and clinical psychology
- You will develop your understanding of coaching psychology and a range of psychological
and socio-cognitive issues
- Through the action-learning framework, you will be able to self-evaluate, and critically
reflect upon, your skills as a coach and mentor and on your problem-solving, goal-setting
and observational skills
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Postgraduate (Zusatzausbildung)
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