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Schwerpunkte / Curriculum - Master of Management Studies


The Business School, Canterbury Christ Church University

The major aim of the Business Studies programmes is to provide a sound and relevant educational foundation for a range of professional careers in industry, commerce, the service sector and selfemployment. The programmes offered at the Canterbury Campus develop an understanding of both the national and global dimensions of business management.

These programmes provide students with the necessary tools for the critical evaluation of contemporary business systems enabling them to embark on a car
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Schwerpunkte / Curriculum

You will attend an induction course prior to the commencement of the programme that will seek to stress the importance of and develop the skills needed to study at Master’s level. The induction course will include such elements as library skills, IT applications, research skills and writing at Master’s level.
The modules for the programme are as listed below. These are all M level credits. They are taught in no specific order.
• Principles of Management
• Information Management
• Strategic Management
• Dimensions in Organisational Management
• Corporate Strategy and Responsibility
• Accounting for Decision Making
• Project Management
• Human Resource Management
Part 1: Certificate in Management Studies
There are four modules, which normally take 2 terms of part-time study. There is an introductory module, Principles of Management and three further modules. If students leave after the first four modules they will be credited with the Certificate in Management Studies.
Part 2: Diploma in Management Studies
There are four further (eight in total) modules, which normally take four terms of part-time study in total.


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