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Schwerpunkte / Curriculum - MA Educational Leadership, Management and Learning


Keele University School of Economic and Management Studies

To perform well you need a stimulating environment. Keele is the largest campus in the UK with the the beauty and tranquillity of woodlands, lakes and a large country mansion.Yet for the restless, London is only two hours away by inter-city train and Manchester and Birmingham less than an hour.
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Schwerpunkte / Curriculum

The course comprises six taught modules and a dissertation.
Students meet for two consecutive days in each of the first five
terms of the course. This opportunity to work together at Keele
has been regarded as a vital support for what is essentially a
distance learning course. The normal pattern of teaching is
that a full day is given to each module with theoretical
introduction, consideration of practical applications and then
an extended case study. Distance learning materials have been
specially commissioned for each module so that the focus is
on service provision rather than on generic educational issues.
Assignments are submitted about two months after each
introductory session. The course director assumes a tutorial
responsibility for all students, but after dissertation interests
have been determined, supervisors are allocated from the
teaching team.
The six taught modules (120 credits) are:
Year 1
• Organisational behaviour and development - the culture,
operation and evaluation of groups and teams (15 credits)
• Quality, Improvement and Effectiveness - best practice and
best value in action (30 credits)
• Strategic management - planning for and coping with change
(15 credits)
Year 2
• Resource management - maximising resource creativity,
evaluation and audit (15 credits)
• Human resource issues - performance management and team
enhancement (15 credits)
• Research Methods – introduction and guide to research
methodologies, concepts and issues (30 credits)
All modules are taught from the perspective of administrators
and leaders in the education service and public/private sector
policy researchers. Keele tutors are supported by senior
practitioners in Education, together with guest speakers with
specialist knowledge and/or research experience in the sector.


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