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Berufsfeld / Zielpublikum - East Asian Management


Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center

The International Graduate Center of the Hochschule Bremen is the specialist for Master degree courses and your continuing education.

With us you study in a learning environment which promotes specialist knowledge, managerial competence and the development of your personality in equal measure. Our team of experienced lecturers, motivated students and a committed staff are a guarantee of quality, internationality and a practical orientation.
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Berufsfeld / Zielpublikum

The main field of occupation for successful graduates is at the interface between Europe and the Asian markets. Graduates will primarily work in jobs where their area of expertise and management competences with a focus on Asia are necessary. This could be the supervision of procurement, production, sales or customer service of German/European enterprises with business activities in Asia or within joint ventures in Asia itself. Tasks can also evolve in product development and quality management with and/or for Asian customers and suppliers.


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Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center
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