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Anbieterprofil der International University of Monaco (IUM)


International University of Monaco (IUM)

The International University of Monaco, formerly the University of Southern Europe, is an independent institution located in the Principality of Monaco. The University was founded in 1986 to bring to the dynamic region of southern France a high-quality management education, combining European rigor with the American practical approach.
At IUM, we prepare students to graduate with a set of skills and insights that will serve them for life. IUM offers a balanced and pragmatic approach to business, technology and education which combines functional education and an analytical approach to the field of management by using case studies and lecture teaching. The cross cultural experience and multilingual proficiency help to ensure a smooth transition for graduates into active business life where they are ready to accept responsibility and become innovative leaders. We invite you to visit us, meet current students and faculty, and attend a class. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have about the International University of Monaco.


Tel: 377 / 97 986 986
Fax: / 92 052 830
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International University of Monaco (IUM)
Av. Prince Albert 2
98000 Monte-Carlo


Gisele Dudognon
377 / 97 986 986
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