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Anbieterprofil der HEC School of Management


HEC School of Management

Throughout its 125 years of history, HEC School of Management has continually attracted a special kind of individual highly capable and talented, innovative,
entrepreneurial, ambitious and open minded. Located in the heart of the thriving, diverse Paris business community, the school has earned international acclaim for
its superior programs, groundbreaking research, and outstanding student body.
World-class research - conducted by our faculty of over 100 full-time professors - has not only cemented our strong reputation, but will continue to serve as the driving force of our development. Through their expertise and consulting activities, our faculty members are sure to further augment the international standing of HEC. Our task is to ensure that HEC offers innovative academic approaches to complement natural talent and ambition from the 20 year old student to the international senior executive.


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HEC School of Management
rue de la Libération 1
78351 Paris


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