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The ESCEM School of Business and Management was born of the merger between the ESC Tours and the ESC Poitiers in 1998. A merger undertaken to make us better placed to meet the requirements of business and the current needs of the higher education market. Today, the School enjoys the support of the Chambers of Commerce and industry of Touraine and the Vienne, the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Centre and the Limousin, the city of Poitiers and the General Council of the Vienne.
The choice of a school is an important landmark in a student's life, whether it be for initial training or continuing education. Its strategic aims, its educational focus, its projects, and likewise the main lines of its development, determine its capacity to produce competent graduates, the kind of men and women that firms are eager to recruit.
Since its creation in April 1998, the ESCEM School of Business and Management has doubled its staff and its amenities and is now one of France's leading players in the field of business and management training. Proof of this can be seen in its dynamic approach and development projects. It has won the support not only of the students but also of the firms that are its partners. The establishment of innovative teaching methods that enable each student to create a personalized study track; the development of a dynamic research policy designed to consolidate the group's positioning and expand its areas of expertise; the qualifications of the faculty, both academic and professional; its commitment to two accreditation processes, AACSB and Equis, which enables it to leave a hallmark on the international scene (ESCEM achieved AACSB International Accreditation in April 2006 and Equis accreditation is in progress); and its maintenance of close links with business through solid partnerships or major events such as les Entrepreneuriales, etc., all play a part in making the ESCEM School of Business and Management a point of reference in its field.
The ESCEM School of Business and Management has nevertheless assumed a mission which transcends those main lines of development: to pass on its own values, which are essential for success in life, both personal and professional, and to share them not only with its students, but also with its partners. The days of managers with inflated ambitions are over.


Tel: +33 / 247 71 71 71
Fax: / 247 71 72 10
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1 Rue Léo Delibes B.P. 0535
37205 Tours Cedex 3


Laurent Trioreau
+33 / 247 71 71 58
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